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Filmmaker / Director Chris Donaldson sits down with television reporters speaking about the new film " From Inmate To Mayor". Directing a true story film about the life of Marshville NC Mayor Franklin Deese along with colleague friend and producer actor Tommy Ford (Martin Lawrence). Director Donaldson speaks on often the process of getting a film from the 1st stages to a network release is difficult but not undoable.


When they say you can't (delete)

When they talk about you (delete)

When they think they know you (delete)

" They're going to talk about you anyway, so you might as well give them something to talk about. I know I do ". 

He often says " I'm just the kid from philly"... well the native north philly kid Chris Donaldson has soared for years within the entertainment industry. He stepped on the scene in 1990 being a ASCAP writer and record producer working with some of the industry best in the studios as well as touring as a keyboard specialist. Chris Donaldson made known his talents with arranging vocals, musical melodies and sound production for years. Projects with recording artist under the Atlantic, Savoy, Epic, Mercury recordings added to his accolades in those years.

While residing in LA, his friends were talented industry actors whom he would often visit the sets of various television shows and became fascinated with the cameras and lights. " I use to step onto the sets of television shows and was captivated by the production and knew I wanted my hand in that industry." Studying his mentor / industry film director John Singleton Chris embarked on a new career that would soar for the next 16 years. After graduating film school and working on various films for production houses he opened his first studio doors of AME Production Group in 2004. For the next 12 years he would show why he's one of the most talented, innovative, energetic, self driven producer / filmmaker / writer / business owner to be reckoned with in the independent / mainstream world of entertainment.  Opening and building several more production teams of AME Production Group where we have worked diligently on various clients project. 

" Giving back has always been a strong part of my journey"  says Mr. Donaldson. In 2004 Chris Donaldson traveled to Nairobi Kenya (Africa) to raise funds for 400 children in the slums of a town called Kibera. He was accompanied by fellow musicians and vocalist performing concerts and hosting fundraisers for 9 days. The emotions of the trip touched Mr. Donaldson's heart so much he and some of his staff members have been traveling to Africa yearly helping to raise funds for food, health, and medicine in Nairobi Kenya. In 2011 he landed a multi year distribution contract with one of the largest distributors on the globe. " The Orchard - Sony Music Entertainment. With such a remarkable deal enables the company to distribute music and films to all digital outlets around the globe such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, KKBOX, eMusic, Sprint, Verizon, and hundreds more and retail outlets such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, VEVO, REVOLT, NetFlix, RedBox and many more.

Currently he is working on various projects. Several network pilots which a slated for full production in 2016, signing various new actors, singers, to AME Production Group, Opening of AME Production Groups satellite radio station Power 97.5 Radio,  Building the AME Film Institution SC division and much more. He's a talented, gifted, humble, creative filmmaker / producer with a vision to succeed at whatever he does and by his momentum and the respect he has gained within the industry he's not slowing down anytime soon.


Taking Care Of Business.

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